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Our mission is to inspire the community of women by offering a unique and refreshing vibe, while providing top notch hair care and focusing on what we do best. Beautiful natural looking hair that turns heads.

Meet Hillary

Some call her the ‘hairwizard’, Hillary is the owner of Cayo Beauty Lounge. She prides herself on her innate ability to really listen to the clients wants and needs and turning it into a masterpiece. Her style signature look is creating a perfect low maintenance color that stays beautiful overtime. Hillary loves trendy hair with a classic and natural appeal. Her advanced cutting training has allowed her to give each and every woman a cut that suits their face, shape and hair texture.

Things to know before booking your online appointment

Before Booking

You can always schedule 15 min consultation in the salon

Please note that all color services already come with a style so if you want to book a haircut, select “haircut ad on” for + $30

To ensure adequate use of your time in the salon, it’s best to leave the kiddos at home

Please allow 48 to cancel or reschedule your appointment

On the day of appointment

For all haircuts, I allow for 90 minutes to allow for consultation and proper finishing time to give you the best hair cut.

With all balayage and foiling services, please arrange the time in your schedule on the day of your appointment so you are not rushed.

GREAT HAIR takes time, so on average I tell everyone to plan for 4 hours sometimes less sometimes more depending on the length of hair, if timing is an issue for you please let me know before your appointment date.

Please allow up to 4 hours in your schedule to accomodate the appropriate amount of time for your hair when booking any highlight service. We do not rush colour here.

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218 Whitehead St, Key West Florida 33040 On arrival KEYPAD ENTRY 2181.

Parking Instructions: Pay to park available in the Margaritaville Resort. Public parking garage. Off Street parking available nearby. Please allow 15 min to accomodate for parking. Salon is located inside the building. Privae access, down the hall to the left.


To ensure your appointment is booked appropriately, please email a picture of your current hair along with a picture of what you’re trying to achieve to cayobeautylounge@yahoo.com